Time to Confess your Fake Fans!


Facebook recently announced steps against Brand pages that have purchased fake likes. In the crosshairs are marketers who’ve turned to buying likes in bulk, especially those sourced from spambots, malware or fake users. Likes from sources like these will be discredited on the brand page.

Since Facebook Timeline was pushed out publicly, the link between growing a fan base and engaging them has grown stronger. In it’s current avatar, Brands on Facebook are encouraged to think harder about the social content that they put out on their brand page, the connections that they create with Facebook users even before they can turn into fans.

Ironically, garnering Likes through Facebook ads is also no longer a reliable method of getting fans; Especially considering that campaigns can be setup to show ads in a scattergun approach instead of a finely targeted approach that minimizes the reach of the campaign and increases the likelihood of attracting genuine fans as the BBC found in an investigative report. Also, Facebook is itself replete with as many as 83 million fake users who are likely to interact with your ad despite the care that you might have taken to carefully target your ads.

Creating and nurturing a social personality for a business is hard work and most businesses lack the resources and the know-how to turn around and fit this narrow mould perfectly. Buying fake fans is clearly no alternative. To learn more about how these changes will affect your Brand page, I recommend going over this post on the official Facebook blog.

2 thoughts on “Time to Confess your Fake Fans!

  1. Santosh,
    This article is a timely reminder to do real marketing stuff, Or, real company stuff, RCS.

    In this regard what are the ‘safeguards’ your company and product supports that eliminates bots ( or fake likes ) coming through via your product?
    My knowledge about fake likes is limited in how they function, which is obvious by my question.

    e.g a competitor, familiar with your revenue model, may ask 1k people to like my page via your app then a day later unlike. Would I get charged for these likes?

    Could you comment on this?
    Thanks in advance.

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